16 Navigators 南洋报业基金【16导航】

16 Navigators Activities

This year, Yayasan Nanyang Press is embarking on a series of fundraising activities, including charity dinners, in line with the virtues that make up the 16 Navigators (also formerly known as the 16 Confluences). On the last Sunday of every month, we visit poor families and charity organisations to spread our spirit of giving and sharing.

每个月的最后一个星期日,车队会探访贫困家庭/病者/慈善机构,除了载送日常用品和生活粮食,也会做一些小活动给左邻右舍一起参与,促进彼 此的关系。如果你也想要加入【16導航】的活動,請聯絡南洋報業基金。

Visit with Compassion Virtues of 16 Navigators Audio and Video
Introduction 介绍
Schedule 时间表
Donation Form 捐款表格
News and Events 新闻/活动
Mobile Clinic 流动诊所
How to Join 如何参加
Introduction 介绍
Ambassadors 美德大使
T-shirts 美德概念T恤
Weekly Articles 美德运动
April - June 2012 Visits
July 2012 Visits
Visitations in 2012
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Dream House for the Hidden Star 星儿筑梦园

《Painting Class》, 《Dancing Class》 – Direct registration
《Keyboard Class》, 《Ukulele Class》, 《Junior Robotic Class》 – Kindly wait for notification after registration.
Autistic children can come to the Dream House to practise the keyboard, play Lego, and utilise our library during Mon – Fri (1pm - 5pm) and Sun (1pm - 3pm). Must be accompanied by parents and advance notice is required.
All activities from 《Dream House For The Hidden Star》 are FREE.
Should you have any inquiries, please email nyfound@nanyang.com.my.

《星儿绘画班》, 《星儿舞蹈班》 直接报名即可。
《星儿电子琴班》, 《星儿尤克丽丽班》, 《星儿初级机械课程》 报名后需要等待通知。
星儿们可以在星期1至五 (9am - 5pm) 和星期日 (1pm - 3pm) 来到《星儿筑梦园》练琴, 练 Lego 以及使用图书馆(必须在父母陪伴之下和预前通知基金负责人)。
若有任何询问,欢迎电邮至 nyfound@nanyang.com.my

Links: Details 简介 | Painting 绘画 | Music 音乐 | Dancing 舞蹈 | Junior Robotic Class 初级机械课程 | Learning Corner For The Siblings 兄弟姐妹故事分享会 | Other Activities 其他活动

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The 1st Conference on Counselling for Malaysian Caregivers 《第一届马来西亚助人工作者辅导研讨会》, 30 May - 1 June

主题: 危机汹涌,助你乘风破浪
日期: 2015年5月30日-6月1日
地点: Pearl International Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Links: Introduction 简介 | Teachers 老师 | Registration Form 报名表格 1 | Registration Form 报名表格 2

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Above Full Moon The Musical: Charity Sales 《天心月圆》音乐剧: 门票义卖

Links: Introduction 简介 | Ticket Purchase 购票方式 | Floor Plan 座位图 | Flyer 宣传图 #1 | Flyer 宣传图 #2

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Klang Education Fund 巴生助学计划

Links: Details 详情 | Application 申请方式 | Newscut 新闻 #1 | Newscut 新闻 #2

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Malaysia Flood Relief Mission 2014 风雨同路: 东海岸抗洪救济行动 2014

Links: Details 详情 | Donation Form 捐款表格 | How to Donate 捐款方式 | Photos 照片 | News 新闻

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Our Projects

Medical AidsMore than 300 patients have benefited from the Foundation's assistance. 至今已有超过300名受惠者获得基金的医药援助。 The 16 NavigatorsThe Foundation's 16 guidance are tools that could practically and directly improve one's way of life. 十六导航所提倡的十六美德提升我们的生活方式。
Single MothersSingle Mothers is an organization that strives to protect and help single mothers out there. 提供心灵课程给受创的单亲妈妈。 Dialysis CentresFour dialysis centres have been set up by the Foundation to cater for the low income. 基金已成立四间洗肾中心帮助低收入的病患。
Natural DisastersThe Foundation provides support during natural disasters like tsunami and earthquakes. 为洪灾、海啸、地震等等天灾提供支援。 CounsellingThe Foundation helps provide counselling support to create a healthy society. 有健康的心灵才能建造健康的社会。
The Blind ProjectThe Foundation organises Chinese Braille courses and other activities for the blind. 基金实行中文盲文学习课程以及其他慈善活动。 Support the NGOsThe Foundation sponsors NGOs to help them serve their communities. 基金赞助非政府组织以让他们做到更好的社区服务。
People with AutismThe Foundation organises activities for people, particularly children, living with autism. 基金为自闭孩童与成人举办各种课程与活动。